Choosing the right recruitment partner...
29th June 2021

With around 30,000 agencies in the UK, each varying in specialism and approach, picking just one can be difficult. We know you have to choose wisely when investing in a new business partner, both from personal experience and from a few horror stories from clients!

Recruiting the right people is a very competitive and time-consuming process. It often takes much longer than most companies anticipate. We've come across multiple occasions when the recruitment partner has not worked out for a number of reasons and the client is left without the staff they need and an invoice for a low standard of service. Or worse still an employee that turns out to be a disaster, because the agency did not do a thorough and honest job of the vetting process : “The person we met in the interview isn’t the person the candidate has turned out to be”.

Our top tips for making sure you have got the right recruitment partner:

1. Do they recruit in your industry and location? We specialise in Herts, Beds, Bucks and Uxbridge (though we have recruited further when our clients have asked us to)

2. Are they members of the REC (Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC)

3. Can they provide recent reviews or testamonials? (check their website or google - we have a reviews page here)

4. Do they offer a guarantee? For example our money back win/win guarantee Think Perfect Placement

5. Look at their live job listings - we spotted an agency listing a 'Cat sitter' job along side a 'Consultant' role. Too much of a broad brush to be experts in everything!

It's not just about the fees and quickly sending an avalanche of irrelevant CVs! We know first hand from our clients how valuable having an experienced recruitment agency can be in the long run.

Give us a call today so we can show you our good reviews and guarantees are based on happy clients and candidates - and of course finding the best person for the job - 01442 600 100.


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