War of the Worlds!
6th December 2021

Well we weren't expecting it to be quite so scary but it was an immersive experience around an alien invasion.....

(some of) The team enjoyed the War of the World's immersive experience in London on Friday as part of our Christmas do!

It included:

- Witnessing an alien invasion 🛸🛸🛸
- Our host being "set on fire" and burnt to dust 🔥
- Escaping aliens and being pitched into total darkness 😲
- Alien tentacles touching us in the dark 😱
- A virtual reality tour in a boat down Thames whilst London was being destroyed 💥
- Being captured by the martians 👽👽👽
- A virtual reality hot air balloon tour of a destroyed landscape 🎈

This was followed by a meal and drinks in a private dining room at a restaurant in Leadenhall Market - sadly no further photos were taken! 




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