Two years and time flies for Clare...
3rd February 2022

They say time flies when you are having fun but how is it two years already. And what a two years it has been.

As a recap I got a call, an unexpected call, from Chris back in November 2019 asking me if I wanted to discuss a thought he had had. Having known him for many years and the fact I had no job lined up since having my youngest child, I quickly arranged a meeting. However, to be honest the thought of working for an agency again wasn’t at the top of my agenda!

Having had our chat, it was a very easy yes! What an opportunity to be given and I was super excited to launch the Think Accountancy & Finance Division.

Year one was challenging to say the least

Year two started tentatively, and just flourished!

As we commence year 3 (wow!) I am really excited for the year ahead.

In my last years blog I wrote that “I think come this time next year, I will be able to write that year 2 was outstanding and who knows if the team will have grown again!”.  Well, it was outstanding – all record quarters – record months and yes the team has grown!

We are now a team of 3! Alex Ellis moved to the A&F Division a few months ago having been at Think for 6 years. She made an immediate impact and was able to join forces with Craig and build some excellent new relationships as well as maintain the long-standing relationships

2021 was about making new habits and continuing with a focus on our values of striving for excellence, being accountable and building long term relationships. I love what Think stands for and they have such a positive presence in the areas they work with and have built that over 10 years. We are the newest division, and we have a way to go but we made a big dent in catching up the other divisions last year! We are led by my moral compass which stands for all we do– my team work transparently with candidates and clients at the forefront of their work. We are not in for the “quick buck” and actually want to be there for the long term!

So what is the plan for this year?

Well this year we go from “Good to Great”. We are breaking down our service and improving everything a bit at a time, we are taking feedback in constructive measures to keep doing better!

We are a great unit of 3 people, we have our own corner in the office and we talk about everything! We support each other and despite myself and Alex being part time, nothing goes untouched! Craig puts up with two woman and always tries his best to look interested in our stories about our children!

I have set high expectations for the team this year. We have big numbers to hit to continue building on last year. But we also have the additional head to support this bigger target.

If you want an Accountancy Division who work hard and work with honesty, then we could be the one for you! We are small but mighty and we are ready to think outside the box when it comes to your requirements!


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