Top Tips for working from home
25th March 2020

We've put together our top tips for trying to adjust to getting things done, working at home. It’s is challenging in the current situation, to feel like you're being productive so hopefully some of these will give you a few ideas…

  1. Location, location, location - Try to find yourself a dedicated and comfortable spot to work that you can associate with your job and leave when you finish for the day. So you don’t feel the boundaries between work and home have been blurred – and for your mental health – you’ve not been sitting in the same spot all day.
  2. Establish a routine – start time and finish time. When you take your lunch break, even more important if you have kids at home. Keep a schedule for them too so if they are old enough to watch the time, they know when it’s snack time etc. And if not keep a schedule so you can plan to feed them and yourself at the same time.
  3. Keep in touch - have a work colleague who you are happy to exchange less formal calls with. Or a few you can check in with. Someone who you can touch base with and keep work related chat so you can motivate each other. Have regular check ins Ideally using Teams/Zoom/Facetime) with your team so everyone can catch up and have the social interaction
  4. Sit with a window opposite you. The light really does help and having a ‘view’ is proven to help us be more productive.
  5. Getting up and moving - taking calls in the garden if the weather is nice! The movement and fresh air are good for you and you add to your step count if you keep walking around. Stretch, and take regular breaks from your desk.
  6. Get dressed! It might seem obvious – but it’s easy to feel out of sorts if this is not your regular working situation. You might not need to get up as early with no commute and you could find the morning has suddenly run on, its 10am and you’re in your PJs with a video call due in 15 minutes! Stick to your normal routine of getting up, showered, dressed and breakfast and you’ll feel better and more organised for it.
  7. Have the radio on or music in the background – our office is usually busy with people talking on the phone or visitors coming in and out so the background noise can often make us more productive if we are used to it.
  8. Oh and coffee…lots of it!