The Think 100% Guarantee
11th July 2017

thnk-100.pngSo someone has left your company or you've created a new position. You now need to fill it. You work out the ideal candidate for the job and start looking for them. You think you've found the ideal candidate but within a couple of weeks you realise that this person is quite the person you had in mind for the job. What do you do? All that hard work and time recruiting has gone to waste. 

As much as you conduct the proper recruitment process, this can happen. We recognise how frustrating this can be. As a result we have created Think 100%. We recruit for you and if this should happen we will find a replacement candidate free of charge for you. 

We want you to be totally satisfied with the candidate that you chose to work with. However, very occasionally the candidate doesn't work out, for whatever reason. This is where the Think 100% guarantee comes in.  We offer a full 100% refund if a candidate leaves within 100 days of their start date. All we ask for in return is exclusivity, the opportunity to find a replacement and that our invoice has been paid on time.

You can recruit with confidence with our money back guarantee for both permanent and temporary services.







We’re so confident in placing the right temp with you, that we are pleased to offer a full day’s “working interview” – if our candidate does not meet your expectation, you will not be charged for their day’s work.



  • Stick to the agreed payment terms between us
  • A pre-agreed period of exclusivity.
  • If anything should go wrong with the candidate we place, provide us with the opportunity to find a replacement for you into the same role. 

With nothing to lose, why not call us now on 01442 450585 to discuss your latest vacancies. 

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