The Optimum Hiring Period
23rd May 2018



With candidate availability at an all time low, how do you ensure you secure the best talent? Think has been looking at the Optimum Hiring Period and how you can prevent the best candidates running to your competition. According to a report from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) 45% of employers expect a shortage of candidates.  If you're looking to recruit, this means you're going to be fighting for the best talent with your competition.  




There are a number of factors that can affect a candidate's interest in your company and the advertised role ; brand engagement, opportunities to progress, a chance to learn new skills....However, even if you tick all these boxes, you can still lose a candidate if you take too long in the recruitment process. 

If you do not have a robust recruitment process in place, you may find the longer you take to organise interviews and make the offer, the more likely the candidate is to go elsewhere. 


At Think we've looked at the impact time has on a candidate's interest in the role. Take to long to interview and the candidate will be snapped up by someone else. Spend ages deciding what the offer is going to be and it your will be at the bottom of the pile. 

The optimum hiring period requires preparation so that each stage can be completed quickly and easily. Whether that's blocking out time up-front for interviews or spending time on the job description so you can be really clear who you're after and go straight for them. 


Joining forces with a Recruiter can be a good way to streamline the process.  At Think we will quickly shortlist only the most relevant candidates, saving you sifting through endless CVs and reducing the number of candidates you have to see at interview. We'll take care of the logistics too, arranging interviews and providing feedbac, We can even help in the negotiations to secure the candidate you've chosen. For more information about the support recruiters can provide, see our blog for ' 10 Reasons Why You Should Use a Recruiter.'

Ultimately, if you want the best talent, you have to be prepared put in the time up-front and then maintain pace throughout the process, keeping candidate interest high and securing the right person for your role. 


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