The misconception of recruitment agencies
27th January 2022

# It's expensive to use an agency – not if you spent the time adding up the man hours it takes to recruit in your working time. Including sifting through the C.Vs and shortlisting, scheduling interviews with multiple candidates. It’ll be more than you think!

# I’ll be sent 100s of irrelevant C.Vs – we don’t just flick a switch and dump a pile of C.Vs in your inbox. We take time to consider the candidates who would have a fitting personality, values, interests as well as work experience in your company.

# What if the candidate doesn't work out – we have a number of solutions for this including finding a replacement free of charge. Even the best laid plans can sometimes go wrong.

# It’s easier for me to do it – it might be easier for you to write the job description (as you know what you want) but we can even help with this as we know what the current marketplace is like and what is attracting the good candidates. We also know that writing the job advert, then putting it out there will always return masses of non-relevant applicants which need to be sorted through to find the more relevant ones. You might need to do that more than once to get to a shortlist to work through. So, in our experience, we don’t believe its easier.

Let’s be honest – every industry has its bad apples, and recruiting is no different. Most recruiters are ethical and hard-working, but the stories of those who aren’t, tend to dominate people’s impressions.

When you work with a recruiter, you’re trusting them with finding great people who want to work for your business. If someone falls short of your expectations, that’s going to stay with you. And if the process is not made easier for you – then that’s also going to make you feel like there is no point in using a recruiter.

Job seekers don’t want to work with someone who only cares about lining their own pockets. They want someone who will support them through the process, treat them as an individual instead of a number, and who genuinely cares about their long-term career development

This means that recruiters need to be honest, ethical and have a genuine interest in their candidates. As this in turn, allows them to have candidates on their books who they can easily match to the right roles – because they have spent time getting to know them.

Great careers are built on relationships. We make sure we learn our clients’ and candidates’ ambitions and motivations and then tailor the search accordingly. That’s how we win long-term business, because the people you work with today will return to you time and again as their needs evolve. And you’ve built that trust.

If you’d like to give our highly rated (check out our google reviews), honest and professional recruitment service a go, we’d be delighted to help and you definitely won’t be left feeling negative about recruitment agencies.

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