Success at Speed
19th June 2019

We were pleased to be invited to be part of one of our clients open evenings where they were looking for candidates for several account management positions due to considerable business growth.

Selected as one of three recruitment agencies to put candidates forward, Think had 10 strong candidates prepped and ready for what was a very positive evening.

The owner of the business did a fantastic brand presentation setting the growth journey and vision for the company. Followed by a member of the sales team, who presented his story and how his role has grown with the company. This created a real buzz and the candidates were keen to get started.

The event was run almost like a speed dating session and our candidates were quizzed through different stages of questions with different levels of Managers.

Out of our selection of candidates that attended, 6 were offered roles on the evening which is a huge success for us a (60% of the placements offered were through Think – the others were filled by the client themselves).

Bobby was representing Think at this event, and we were delighted to take part and place so many of our candidates. Our candidates are always carefully vetted and selected, and this was evident when over half were offered jobs from this process.

Make sure you get in touch today for support with your recruitment. We are positive we can find you your perfect candidate from all the great ones we have registered.

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