Paying for a good job
31st July 2019

In recruitment we pride ourselves on working in an industry for people, powered by people. So our success is based on matching the right companies and jobs with the right people. Sounds simple doesn't it? In principle it is, but it is hours and hours of hard work for each role - and thats why we charge a fee. Because we are putting the hours in to find the right person - and our clients are able to get on with their actual day job - rather than have to add on hours for recruting. Anyone who's tried to recruit for their team while working their normal role will tell you - its a time consuming task. To find the right people is an investment - time as well as money.

For our teams, no two days are the same. Our consultants will win business with clients and continue to develop those relationships as well as registering candidates and supporting them, because being put forward for a job, interviewed and undergoing assessments can be challenging. We spend a lot of time assessing, advertising and meeting all our clients and candidates as well as going through all the company and job information with both parties - this is multiple jobs per day. It’s about changing people’s lives for the better by helping them find a job they love, and finding employers the great people they need.

So our days are divided into winning business, finding candidates, interviewing them and handing over to our client, the business who will employ them. We often work long hours and are passionate about getting the job satisfaction of making the perfect match. So when people ask us if we can 'do it for less' its hard to not feel our service is being undervalued. 

One of the team shared this image recently which made us chuckle - as while we appreciate people have budgets and challanges they have to meet - no one wants a job half done.