It's getting hot in here...
25th April 2019

The Think team took to dishing up no less than 7 bowls of homemade chilli to await the tough judging panel - us!

We were all tasked with cooking up our own homemade chillis and (a few secret ingredients later) bringing them into the office for a lunchtime taste test.

We were asked to sample each numbered bowl and rank them between 1-10 making sure our favorite was given top marks. 

There was some nice fluffy rice, tortilla chips and sour cream for those that wanted to make a full lunch of it.

We even invited some of our neighbours from Igloo Design in to give their own verdict. 

Whilst the texture and style was very different, in true masterchef style, it all came down to a fusion of flavours to mark the clear winner as..... (drum roll please...) Tasnim!

So Tasnim is on a winning streak with her top class chilli - and it was her first attempt too!    





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