Fed up of paper timesheets?
6th November 2017

Are you a hiring manager that uses temps and are fed up of manually approving paper timesheets? Or are you a temp that sometimes misses timesheet deadlines whilst you wait for your line manager to physically approve your hours?

Think Specialist Recruitment are pleased to confirm that we have an online timesheet approval system for all of our clients and temporary workers to utilise!  

Although an independent recruitment business, we have always believed that investment in technology and processes is incredibly important to streamline the services we offer to clients and candidates.  The use of paper timesheets not only has an environmental impact but also makes for a far more time consuming process - it is reliant on manual submission of hours and has a potentially negative impact on the speed of submitting and approving timesheets. 

What are the benefits of using Think Specialist Recruitment's online timesheet system? 

  • newsImage_185_Tifo.JPGCandidates and clients can access online anywhere so can submit/approve hours without physically being in the office
  • Candidates are able to submit hours, holiday requests and expenses through the portal
  • Clients can appoint more than one timesheet approver to avoid any delay on their temp's hours being approved
  • A simple process that allows clients to approve hours at the single click of a button
  • Fully automated and electronic 'timesheet to invoicing' for clients
  • Our portal is also mobile friendly so hours can be submitted/approved on the go
  • Automated reminders when hours unsubmitted or unapproved 
  • It is easy to use - quick and efficient 
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Candidates can track their hours simply, input and save them daily 
  • Allows for overtime rates to be set up and automatically calculated 


If the recruitment agency you are currently enagaging is still utilising paper timesheets and you would like to find a more efficient way of doing things, please contact Think's Temporary Division to find out more - 01442 531155 / [email protected] / [email protected] 



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