Exclusivity - why is it important to us?
2nd September 2020

Why do we feel safer when working with multiples - multiple estate agents, shopping with multiple brands, using multiple suppliers? It’s that ‘eggs in one basket’ idea in our heads that tells us to spread the possibilities and therefore the risk.

It’s the same philosophy when recruiting clients engage multiple recruiters to work on the same job. The idea that the more recruiters on the brief, the more chance they have of getting the right person – a bigger net so to speak?

But now more than ever, exclusivity is a key factor for both the recruiter and the employer. It’s important to have a clear understanding of why working with one quality recruiter on a specific brief is in the clients’ best interests.

We’ve pulled together 5 top reasons why we believe exclusivity is the right way to go:

1. The Client is getting the Recruiter’s full commitment to filling their vacant role.

Let’s be honest, a client may think they get more effort from a recruiter when the role is in competition. But what it could be perceived as, is that the client is not committed to them, and some agencies (not us!) only put 100% energy into clients who work with them exclusively only.

2. The responsibility for success is now shifted entirely to the Recruiter.

If the job is given to one recruiter, retained or exclusively, we own the delivery of the task. The client can focus on their day to day job and be assured that 100% of our attention is on their role. Instead of them having to brief the job multiple times and juggling multiple contacts at multiple agencies. 

3.  The client is taking the focus off speed and back on quality.

Why would you want your crucial hiring decision based on who can get candidates to you the quickest? Would you hire someone because they could do the job quicker rather than being thorough and well qualified with the right skills set? ‘Exclusivity’ means the recruiter has time to do thorough, precise work.

4. The Clients’ confidentiality is well kept

If there are multiple agencies, the role is likely to be advertised around the locality by five or six recruiters, each speaking to 9 or 10 candidates about the role. Its easy for conclusions to be drawn about who the company is when the client may have wanted it to be kept lower key.

 5. No doubling up

Exclusivity means you will not have the issue of recruiters referring the same candidates to the same client – which can be annoying for both parties.

We always suggest our clients work with us exclusively and have built a business product called Think 1st  around this - to help clients experience the benefits first hand, risk free and allowing us to build a good relationship.

Think 1st is a rewards scheme which offers our clients extra benefits in return for providing us with an exclusive lead time when registering a vacancy. Features include; an extended guarantee period, preferential rates, first access to exclusively registered candidates and more.

Contact us to find out more about our highly rated service on 01442 600 100 or email [email protected]



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