Don't let the good ones get away...
12th June 2019

Shouldn’t we take our time to get the right person into the job? It makes sense doesn’t it? Hiring people is one of the most important things we do in business so we should take time over it.

Of course, it pays to be thorough when you’re evaluating a candidate, but you should be aware that the longer you deliberate, the higher the chance that you might lose the candidate to a competitor.

The best candidates are likely to get multiple offers, and often off the market within 10 days! To get the best talent, companies need to work faster and recruit in a more agile way.

Here are 6 reasons for getting that candidate offer out quickly:

1) Move quickly when reviewing CVs and booking interviews

Though it can be tempting to take time to compare CVs, when faced with a great candidate, review with your stakeholders and book interviews quickly. We’ve had cases where clients have missed out on great candidates as their senior team were not around to do first interviews or they’ve spent too long looking at further CVs. The candidate has then already accepted a job elsewhere.

2) Save money and resources

The fees we charge are to get you the best candidates and quickly. You would then have to assess the cost of continually taking your managers out of work for interviews, and the cost of unfilled positions. You’d be surprised how much this mounts up. Hiring faster allows you to minimise a lot of this.

3) Top talent

Moving fast means that you won’t miss out on top talent. There’s no real correlation between length of evaluation time and the quality of candidates (so you won't necessarily get better candidates if you spend longer looking in most cases).

4) Better candidate experience

Being decisive with your hiring process helps you differentiate yourself from competitors and improve your candidate experience. You’re not forcing applicants to continually return for interviews and wait patiently for feedback. Candidates feel wanted and valued.

5) Better response rates

A faster hiring process will generate far higher response rates. Candidates will be thrilled that you’re getting back to them quicker – it’s a great way to keep them tied in and avoid losing talent.

6) Great acceptance rates

Reducing the time from interview to offer gives candidates less time to reconsider your proposition. It also gives them less time to interview elsewhere or listen to counter offers from their current managers – there’s less chance they will get poached by someone else.

There are clear benefits to hiring faster, it will help you attract, convert and hire better talent, and it should save you significant resources in the process.

100% of clients said our speed of response to their recruitment requirements was either good or excellent (Source: Think client survey 2018) so we are very well placed to help you find great candidates, quickly.

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