23rd March 2020

As per our previous communications, the Think team are continuing to work during the current Coronavirus crisis and we are here to support our clients and candidates. All of the team are now working remotely but continue to be contactable.  Please see below for a list of contact details:

Our main number for general enquiries - 01442 600100 (Hertfordshire office) or 01895 379100 (Uxbridge office)


To contact a member of the team:-

Alex Ellis (temp team) - 01442 531158 / 07711 702110 - 

Bobby Collins (temp team) - 01442 531161 / 07523 512416 - 

Sophie Clarke (perm team) - 01442 531162 / 07715 312143 - 

Ben Jackson (perm team) - 01442 531142 / 07849 086168 - 

Clare Baker (Finance Recruiter) - 01442 531157 / 07731 122938 - 

Beth Merrells (perm team) - 01442 531159 / 07496 325278 - 

Van Kotedia (Uxbridge team) - 01895 379100 / 07849 088412 - 

Chris Jones (Director & HR Recruiter) - 01442 531156 / 07960 561642 - 


As per our previous communications:

How can we support clients?

We have already put various measures in place for candidates interviewing or due to commence temporary assignments, including checking travel/holiday destinations visited in recent times and whether they have any symptoms of Coronavirus.  We are setting up an increasing number of Skype interviews and fully ready to adapt to client requests. Please do let us know if you have any special measures you would like us to incorporate.

With some permanent roles being put on hold in the short-term, we are expecting an increase in the demand for temporary workers. Along with investing a vast amount of our resource into candidate generation for when hiring begins to pick up, we will be generating a greatly increased pool of immediately available and fully referenced candidates who are ready to commence assignments ASAP.  Whether it is an increase in call volumes, a need to increase your credit control team to collect outstanding debt and improve cashflow, or the need for candidates to cover high levels of staff absence, we are ready to supply temporary staff across the local area!

Whilst some non-urgent recruitment is put on hold, we would also be pleased to support our clients with any other projects such a salary benchmarking, passing on business continuity plans from other local businesses and discussing or provide advice on the local market.  

To contact us about any of the above, please call 01442 600100 (Hertfordshire) or 01895 379100 (Uxbridge).


How can we support candidates?

We are expecting to see the temporary market pick up across some sectors and job roles.  If a candidate’s situation has changed and you find yourself available for temporary roles, please do let your Consultant(s) know and we can do our best to place you in an immediate assignment.

Whilst some recruitment is placed on hold, other clients are continuing to recruit and we will do our best to generate suitable opportunities and support our candidates as much as we can.  Candidates with the ability to interview via platforms such as Skype will hopefully increase their chances of entering into a recruitment process whilst the current situation progresses.

We would welcome the chance to provide help, support and guidance to any candidates looking for reassurance or just a sounding board on how the market is progressing. Please do contact any of the team on 01442 600100 (Hertfordshire) or 01895 379100 (Uxbridge) and we will be pleased to help!



Are you an existing Think Specialist Recruitment temp?

All current temporary workers have received communication from us including advice around health and working arrangements.  We remain ready to deal with any enquiries, process all online timesheets and ensure our temporary workforce are fully paid and supported over the coming weeks.  Temps will have their Consultant’s mobile numbers to contact in the event of emergency and the main phone number will be manned across working hours Monday to Friday – 01442 600100 (Hertfordshire) or 01895 379100 (Uxbridge).


We would please ask for anybody with any urgent enquiries or seeking advice to contact us ASAP. We very much hope that the current situation becomes more manageable quickly and we’re here to support anybody that requires our help.