An excellent reputation for providing high quality temps

Why should you use us?

Our excellent reputation for providing high quality temps is because:

  • All of our temps have been interviewed and registered face to face before starting a job
  • All of our temporary candidates have a minimum 12-month employment history check, before they can be assigned to a role.
  • All legal and compliance obligations are adhered to including compliance with the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR)
  • We recommend only highly committed and highly reliable candidates
  • We offer our temps on a “full day’s working interview”, that is you get to test out one of our great candidates, in the role you need to fill, for a full day. Risk free for both parties and we will pick up the days fee if the temp is not successful.
  • Our online portal takes care of payroll processes so that temps are paid correctly and on time without the use of paper timesheets.
  • We take the time to get to know you and your teams needs to ensure the right candidate for the job.
  • We also keep in touch with you on a weekly basis throughout the duration of the job to make sure all is going well.

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