think-1st-logo.jpgThink 1st is our membership rewards scheme which offers you, the Client, added benefits in return for providing Think Specialist Recruitment with an exclusive lead time when registering a vacancy.

What will you receive from us? 

Our Think 1st guarantee - 100 day, 100% guarantee - plus a number of benefits including enhanced candidate searches, featured vacancies and a preferential rate!

What do we need from you? 

The 1st call! 

What are you committing to? 

This is an informal agreement which can run for a period of time that suits you best.  If you Think 1st and call us with your vacancy before speaking with other agencies, you receive your added benefits. If we’re not your 1st call, we revert back to previously agreed terms without the benefits!  Think 1st is not a legally binding contract, merely a means of us rewarding our clients who choose to come to us first.

Why agree to exclusivity with Think Specialist Recruitment?

One point of contact through your recruitment process, working in partnership with a recruitment agency that will spend time selecting a short list to best fit your business/department requirements rather than being bombarded with CVs from multiple agencies, an account manager who knows the market, unique candidate attraction methods, no CV duplications, a tailored approach to recruitment that fits your business best AND all of the benefits of being a Think 1st client! The timescale for exclusivity* is also determined by you, the client. 

How do you find out more? 

Please call us on 01442 600100 or fill out the enquiry form below and one of our experienced team of consultants will be in touch to discuss Think 1st and the services that we offer in more detail.

 *minimum duration is required